I had an unusual problem, and for some reason I thought that at such a qualified exchange it would be solved by specialists, albeit not immediately. But it turned out to be different!
Suddenly I found some old BCH and found out that they added XEC for me. But, alas, I did not know about Transaction Replay, which I learned about later from here (https://bitcoinabc.org/2022-02-01-splitting-xec-and-bch/). So I sent XEC first to my kucoin account, which triggered a second transaction in BCH. 
After I wrote to support and detailed everything, I got a reply asking "do I want to get free BTC?". 
I wrote again and explained in even more detail, but a week later I received the same negligent reply that my "XECs were credited and other exchanges on the exchange were successfully completed".

I am writing here to see if anyone has encountered a similar problem and how to properly write a question to be understood and answered?

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