KuCoin is holding my USD hostage in my main account for several weeks now. I can’t withdraw or transfer it to trade with. As others have complained - robot is unhelpful, keeps me in a loop of irrelevant links. Emailed support and they gave some of same links as suggestions and now have not replied to last 5 support requests. Can I sue? Shall we join in a class action lawsuit? Any other suggestions for resolution? I’ve asked if I can call and talk to someone. That’s when they stopped answering me altogether. Oh yea, sometime my “confirm” button doesn’t activate (turn green) after code entered. I’ve reported it but received no answer about that either. I’m exasperated but not giving up. I will get my money back.

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  • It is the same for me.
    It wasn't possible to withdraw my coins and now Kucoin shows the message that my coins are not accessible.
    I wrote them and they don't answer.


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