Daily Limits for Fiat Service Transaction Amounts

1. What is the daily fiat limit?

There are limits to the daily accumulated fiat service transaction amounts that can be executed for the following KuCoin services: fiat deposits, fiat withdrawals, buying crypto with fiat, selling crypto for fiat, and buying crypto with bank cards. (USD equivalent amounts used for calculations.)

Daily Limits for Fiat Services 

Fiat Service  Daily Limit (USD equivalent amounts used for calculations) 
Fiat deposits  150,000 USD 
Fiat withdrawals  150,000 USD 
Buy crypto with fiat  50,000 USD 
Sell crypto for fiat  50,000 USD 
Buy crypto with bank card 
100,000 USD 
Daily accumulated fiat amounts are cleared to zero at 0:00 UTC each day 


2.What happens if a daily limit is exceeded?

If the amount of a transaction results in the daily fiat limit of a service being exceeded, the following may occur:


1.Cannot place order → orders with amounts that do not result in the daily limit being exceeded can still be placed


If the amount of your order results in the daily accumulated fiat service limit being exceeded, your order cannot be created. You can check the remaining amount that can be used and change the amount of your order so that the limit is not exceeded, and then resubmit the order.


2.Remaining daily amount < deposit amount ≤ Single deposit limit → the transaction will execute the next day (with the transaction amount being included in the daily limit calculations for the next day) 


3.Amount of a single deposit >Total daily limit → wait for refund (fees apply) 

*Funds from failed deposits minus fees will be refunded via the original payment method used for the deposit within 15 business days.   

If you have any other questions, submit a request or contact the KuCoin Support Team. We will be happy to assist you! 

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