Introduction to KuCoin API Broker

KuCoin launched the API Broker Program, and we sincerely welcome qualified parties to
become our API brokers and earn up to 50% commission!


Rebates Instruction


KuCoin agrees to share revenue with the Partner in the following situation:
Users trade on KuCoin via the partner’s platform with the partner’s ID/private key and meet
the trading volume requirements, KuCoin agrees to share revenue with Partner at a 30% - 50%
rate of the revenue upon completion of API integration


Level Monthly Trading Volume (USDT) Commission Rate
1 2,000,000<x<10,000,000 30%
2 10,000,000<x<25,000,000 40%
3 25,000,000<x<100,000,000 45%
4 100,000,000<x 50%


Level Monthly Trading Volume (USDT) Commission Rate
1 4,000,000<x<20,000,000 30%
2 20,000,000<x<50,000,000 40%
3 50,000,000<x<200,000,000 45%
4 200,000,000<x 50%


Calculation of trading fee revenue


Transaction fees generated by traders through KuCoin’s Broker platform with API.
(If the trader also enjoys other transaction fee discount reward, it will be calculated based on
the transaction fee generated after the deduction)


Rebates distribution


KuCoin will pay the rebate in USDT to the partner’s UID account within the first 7 business
days of each month.
(For non-business days, the settlement date will be automatically postponed to the next business



A. Brokers can get as high as a 50% commission rate
B. 24/7 1-on-1 Tech support for API integration
C. 24/7 1-on-1 service from account managers
D. Exclusive VIP fast track for Deposit/Withdrawal
E. Social media support to increase the trading volume and strengthen the partnership
No rebates offer for Affiliate Program Participants, Market Makers and LV3 or above users
who trade through API Brokers


Contact Us
Please get in touch with us through Telegram for more details:
KuCoin API Technical Support Channel: 


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