Fee Schedule and Terms Explained

KuCard Fee Schedule

Fee Type Unit Rate
Requesting a Physical Card per card 9.99 EUR
Applying for a Supplementary Card currently unavailable -
Replacing a Card per card 9.99 EUR
Canceling a Card  per card free
Transactions Within Europe per transaction  free
Transactions Outside Europe per transaction 2% of transaction total
ATM Withdrawal (Within Europe) per withdrawal 2.00 EUR
ATM Withdrawal (International) per withdrawal 2% of withdrawal amount
Declined Payment (Insufficient Funds) per transaction free
Overdraft Transactions currently unavailable -
Express Card Delivery per card 30.00 EUR
Annual Fee per card  10.00 EUR


Terms Explained

Requesting a Physical Card A physical debit card mailed directly to you.
Applying for a Supplementary Card A supplementary KuCard, for use by an authorized subsidiary.
Replacing a Card A replacement card provided upon request, if your KuCard is lost, damaged, or otherwise needs to be replaced.
Canceling a Card A cancellation fee applies if you decide to cancel your KuCard within the first 14 days after application.
Transactions Within Europe Debit payments made in EUR. Applicable to in-store, online, or phone-linked transactions within Europe.
Transactions Outside Europe Debit payments made in a non-EUR currency. Applicable to in-store, online, or phone-linked transactions outside Europe.
ATM Withdrawal (Within Europe) Withdrawing EUR from your account at ATMs within Europe.
ATM Withdrawal (International) Withdrawing cash in currencies other than EUR at ATMs outside Europe.
Declined Payment (Insufficient Funds) Payment declined or failed transaction due to insufficient funds in your account.
Overdraft Transactions Payments allowed beyond your current balance, subject to an overdraft limit.
Express Card Delivery Upgrade from standard to express delivery of your physical card, with premium couriers such as DHL Express or DPD Express.
Annual Fee A yearly fee for account maintenance and card-related services.


1.No annual fee is charged if yearly transactions exceed 500 EUR.

2.A Foreign Exchange (FX) Fee applies when transacting in a currency different from the KuCard's designated currency. For instance, using a Euro-denominated KuCard for transactions in US dollars.

3.Be aware that certain ATMs may charge additional fees for access, or for converting currencies to your card’s denomination. Always read the ATM’s instructions carefully. These fees are determined by the ATM provider. 




Scenario 1

Customer A uses their KuCard for a purchase priced at 100 USD, with the card being Euro-denominated.

With a hypothetical Visa exchange rate of 1 EUR to 1.095275 USD, the transaction is converted as follows:

Transaction Amount: 100 USD ÷ 1.095275 = 91.31 EUR

Foreign Exchange Fee: 91.31 EUR × 2% = approximately 1.826 EUR

Total Transaction Amount: 91.31 EUR + 1.826 EUR = approximately 93.136 EUR

Thus, Customer A's account will be debited 93.136 EUR or its equivalent amount in crypto.

Note that the authorized amount during payment may be slightly higher than the actual transaction amount. Rest assured, only the exact cost of the transaction will be deducted, and any surplus is returned to your Funding Account.


Scenario 2

Customer B makes a 100 EUR transaction but only holds USDT in their Funding Account.

If KuCoin's sell rate is 1 USDT to 0.93167 EUR, the crypto needed for the transaction calculates as follows:

Transaction Amount: 100 EUR ÷ 0.93167 = 107.33 USDT

Total Transaction Amount: 107.33 USDT

Accordingly, 107.33 USDT will be debited from Customer B's Funding Account.



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