FAQ for Spot Grid AI Plus

1. What is AI Plus?

AI Plus bot will automatically adjust the price range in real-time based on indicators such as coin volatility and price fluctuations, ensuring that the coin price always fluctuates within the grid range. This feature allows the bot to generate consistent profits for you. Additionally, AI Plus dynamically adjusts the grid spacing and order amounts based on the coin price volatility, maximizing profit and capital utilization for each grid.

For example, when the coin price fluctuation exceeds the grid range, AI Plus will automatically expand the grid range, increase the grid spacing, and adjust the order amounts to increase the profit potential during high volatility. Conversely, when the coin price fluctuation is smaller than the grid range, AI Plus will automatically reduce the number of grids and adjust the order amounts to maximize profit during low volatility.

AI Plus also prevents the issue of idle funds when the coin price moves beyond the grid range. When the coin price moves beyond the range, AI Plus places orders above and below the current price to ensure that the coin price continues to operate within the grid range.

2. What is the difference between AI Plus and Auto modes?

The premise of generating grid profits is that the coin price always fluctuates within the predefined price range. In Auto mode, the bot only places orders within the initially set price range. Once the price exceeds or falls below the range, the funds remain idle and cannot continue to generate profits.

AI Plus is designed to solve this issue. AI Plus automatically adjusts the price range during its operation in response to changes in coin volatility. This ensures that the coin price always fluctuates within the grid range.

Additionally, the key to increasing grid profits is to increase the number of trades and profit per grid. The Auto-mode bot runs on the same set of parameters, which cannot guarantee continuous profit and maintain high grid profits when the coin price volatility changes.

AI Plus, on the other hand, adjusts parameters such as grid spacing and order amounts in real-time based on the coin price volatility, allowing it to generate continuous profits regardless of price fluctuations and maximize profit for each trade.

3. Is AI Plus free to use?

You can use AI Plus for free.

4. Can I modify the parameters of the running AI Plus bot?

As the AI Plus bot runs automatically based on predefined algorithmic strategies to maximize grid profits, the parameters cannot be manually modified once AI Plus is enabled.

5. How are the initial orders executed when AI Plus is started?

The difference between AI Plus and other modes is that when AI Plus is started, it only places orders on the nearest grids to the entry price, rather than filling all the grids. This allows for quick adjustment of the grid range based on coin price volatility and ensures sufficient funds are available for order placement, thereby increasing the utilization of grid funds.

6. How does AI Plus automatically adjust the range?

AI Plus dynamically adjusts parameters (including price range, order quantity, grid spacing, and order amounts) based on coin volatility, price fluctuations, market trading data and other indicators. The adjustment is made through the automatic execution of quantitative trading strategies. The goal is to ensure that the coin price always fluctuates within the grid range and maximize grid capital utilization.

7. What market conditions are suitable for using the classic grid?

The AI Plus grid strategy is suitable for fluctuating-upward or range-bound markets. It adapts to coin price volatility, ensuring repeated buying low and selling high within the fluctuation range to continuously generate grid profits.

8. Why does the bot automatically buy the base coin in the trading pair when the grid trading starts?

The bot needs to buy a certain amount of the base coin at the start of the grid trading to sell it at a higher price and earn grid profits.

9. How is the quantity of base coin calculated when AI Plus is enabled?

Quantity of base coin purchased = number of sell orders in the grid * quantity of base coin per grid.

10. What are the risks associated with AI Plus?

While AI Plus grid strategy ensures the generation of grid profits, there is still a risk of floating losses when there is a one-sided downward market movement, resulting in the cost of your holdings being higher than the current price.

11. I've been running AI Plus for three days, but the results are not satisfactory. Should I give up?

Grid trading requires time to show its effectiveness. Returns in just a few days will likely be minimal. It's recommended to run it for a month to evaluate its performance. Additionally, engaging with other users and exchanging ideas can be helpful. You can consider exploring different trading pairs or selecting appropriate entry points to enhance your profitability.

12. Can you provide a detailed explanation of AI Plus strategy?

Due to the proprietary nature of the core mechanism of the strategy, which is KuCoin's intellectual property, we have kept the detailed explanation of the strategy confidential. However, we are open to user feedback and continuously strive to improve the strategy system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

13. Does AI Plus support stop-loss or take-profit?

The current version does not support stop-loss or take-profit features. We plan to add these features in future versions.

14. Can AI Plus set an entry trigger price?

The current version does not support setting an entry trigger price. We plan to add this feature in future versions.


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