WIRE Transfer USD recharge FAQ

Q1: What are the situations when WIRE Transfer USD top-ups do not arrive?

A1: In the following cases, the user's top-up may not be credited:

  1.  If the user does not top up with his own account in the same name, the top-up funds will not be credited and a refund will be initiated by the platform, with the refund fee being borne by the user;
  2. When users use non-bank payment methods such as WISE, it is possible that the user's name cannot be transferred, resulting in a failed transaction.
  3. The user's offline recharge amount is less than the handling fee, will not be credited and will not be refunded;
  4. User recharge amount greater than the handling fee and less than the minimum limit will not be credited to the user. Refunds can be made after the user has been contacted.

Q2: How long does it take for WIRE Transfer USD to be credited after recharge/withdrawal?

A2: The specific bank channel capacity prevails, usually no more than 5 working days. 

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