What is Margin Grid? 

Margin Grid is an upgraded version of Spot Grid, enhancing capital efficiency and boosting profits with the help of margin. It allows long and short trades, with Spot as the trading target, reducing the risk of price deviation between futures and Spot. It's suitable for volatile markets. 


Who is suitable for using Margin Grid Trading? 

Margin Grid Trading is mainly suitable for two types of users. One is users who hope to automatically achieve low buy and high sell in volatile markets, save the tedious manual trading, and increase profits based on Spot Grid Trading. The other is users who hold Tokens and wish to short when the market falls without having to carry out complex contract trading. 


What parameters does Margin Grid have? 

Margin Grid can set margin multiples, price range, order quantity, and other custom settings. 


What are the steps to set up Margin Grid? 

Open the KuCoin APP and find the "Trading Bot" on the home page 

Select the Margin Grid strategy 

Based on your risk tolerance, set a reasonable margin multiple, price range, order quantity, and other custom settings. Please note, do not ignore risks in pursuit of high returns. 

Finally, click the "Start Trading" button, and the Margin Grid strategy will start running automatically. 


If my Margin Grid bot is liquidated, will all the assets in my KuCoin bot account or my other KuCoin accounts also be lost? 

No. The assets you invest in the Margin Grid bot are independent of the other assets in your account. Even if your Margin Grid is forcibly liquidated, it will not affect other assets in your account. 


Can I add margin if my Margin Grid is about to be liquidated? 

The Margin Grid bot can add margin. However, we still recommend that you comprehensively assess operational risks and adjust the margin reasonably. 


Can the grid profits of Margin Grid bot be withdrawn? 

Grid profits of Margin Grid cannot be withdrawn. 


What are the fees of the Margin Grid bot? How often is the lending rate calculated? What's the mechanism? 

The fees of the Margin Grid bot include: Spot trading fees, charged by trading volume, loan interest, the lending rate will be included in the earnings, and it's extracted by the hour. 


Does Margin Grid have a risk limit? 

The Margin Grid uses the margin multiple limit directly according to the currency, and the bot sets the maximum borrowable quantity and amount according to the currency quantity limit. 


What are the abnormal situations during the operation of Margin Grid? 

  • Forced liquidation for renewal: All orders are canceled, unable to place orders, liquidation completed.
  • Pre-liquidation status, restricting the transfer of funds from sub-accounts, which may affect order placement, with an impact time of about 5 seconds;
  • Not enough assets to place orders: Partial interest rate settlement is forced, leading to insufficient funds for placing orders.


Why did the bot still sell my coins when I chose to leave the coins to sell myself when closing the Margin Grid? 

This is because a part of the assets held in the Margin Grid is borrowed from the platform. When the bot is closed, this part of the assets needs to be returned first, hence this situation occurs. 

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