How to Use Auto Borrow and Manual Borrow on KuCoin Margin

KuCoin's "Crypto Lending" feature on our Margin Trading platform offers a powerful tool: borrowing cryptocurrencies to amplify your trading potential. Here’s how to use the Auto-Borrow and manual Borrow functions on the KuCoin margin trading interface. 

Use Auto-Borrow 

Auto-Borrow automatically grabs the required currency for trades, simplifying leverage but limiting flexibility.

Step 1. Select Auto-Borrow

Select Auto-Borrow on the Margin trading interface (the same as the app).   


Step 2: Confirm Your Auto-Borrow Order

After confirming, your order will be auto-borrowed at the current market rate, which changes hourly.


Use Manual Borrow

Manual Borrow lets you pre-borrow specific assets from lenders, offering more control but requiring upfront action.

Step 1: Select Borrow on Margin Trading

Select Borrow on the Margin trading interface (Manual Borrow on the app). 

Step 2: Confirm the Amount to Borrow

Confirm the amount of the token you want to borrow (please also confirm your expected borrowing account as Isolated/Cross Margin before borrowing). 

Step 3: Borrow the Token to Cross Margin/Isolated Margin

You will then successfully borrow the corresponding token to the designated account (Cross Margin/Isolated Margin). 

Step 4. Process Your Repayment 

The repayment process is the same as the borrowing. Tick the repayment button to complete the repayment process.

*Following the launch of Crypto Lending on our website, the real-time interest rate cannot be seen while placing the order. We will upgrade the display soon. However, it does not affect your borrowing. Your loan will be borrowed at the current market real-time interest rate, which changes hourly with market interest rate fluctuations.

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