Margin High-Frequency Account FAQ

1. What is a Margin High-Frequency Account?

In order to optimize the order placement experience of Margin API Trading users and provide better services, KuCoin Margin has added the "Margin High-Frequency Account" based on the original account. API users will get a better trading experience by placing orders through the high-frequency account.


2. What are the advantages of a Margin High-Frequency Account?

For Margin High-Frequency Account, the order delay has been further optimized. 

The details are as follows:

Optimized Content: API Order

Interface documentation: KuCoin API Docs

API Optimization Items Margin High-Frequency Account
Order Delay 15ms
Using of Interface V3


3. The use of a Margin High-Frequency Account.

The Margin High-Frequency Account (only supports trading) ⇋ Margin Account (trading/borrowing/repaying/transferring out).

a. The Margin High-Frequency Account only supports ordering and transferring with the Margin Accounts (low frequency). It currently does not support borrowing and repaying operations or asset transfers to other accounts.

b. If you want to borrow/repay/assets transferring, please use the Margin Accounts (low frequency).


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