How to Retrieve Deposits Made With an Unsupported Chain/Unlisted Currency

If a deposit was not credited because you accidentally used an unsupported chain or an unlisted cryptocurrency, you may use a self-recovery request to retrieve your funds.
Before submitting your request, please ensure you've gone through the important notes provided below. Otherwise, KuCoin may not be able to help.

1. What Kinds of Transactions Can Be Self-Recovered?
2. How Do I Submit a Self-Recovery Request?
3. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kinds of Transactions Can Be Self-Recovered?

• If the deposit you've made was to an incorrect address, a non-KuCoin address, or sent it to another user's address, KuCoin will not be able to help you recover those assets.
• If the cryptocurrency is undergoing maintenance and deposits are temporarily suspended, self-recovery will not be available.
• If your deposit transaction on the blockchain has multiple source addresses ("From" addresses), self-recovery will not be available.
• On the asset recovery page is a dropdown menu with a list of cryptocurrencies used for the deposit. If the network can't be found on the menu, self-recovery will not be available.
• If the source address from which the assets came from cannot receive transfers of recovered assets, we will not be able to recover your assets for you.
• Only transactions whose statuses have been marked as "Confirmed" or "Successful" on the blockchain are eligible for self-recovery. If the status of the transaction is "Unconfirmed" or "Failed", we too are unable to assist you further. Please refer to the examples below to understand the transaction status on the blockchain:

If your transaction was conducted via another platform or service, you will also have to check if the status of the transaction is reflected as "Completed" on that platform. If the transaction's status is "Unconfirmed" or "Failed", try contacting that platform for further assistance.
For more information, click here.

2. How Do I Submit a Self-Recovery Request?

➡️ Log in to your KuCoin account. Proceed to our Help Center, and select "Didn't Receive Crypto Deposits".

Help Center.png

➡️ You will need to provide the following information:

  • Deposit Network: Select the blockchain network which was used for the transfer.
  • Amount: Enter the amount of the deposit. Note: A maximum of 8 digits after the decimal point when entering numbers is supported.
  • TxID/Tx Hash: The transaction hash, also called the TxID, is a unique identifier assigned to all transactions that have been verified and added to the blockchain. In the same way a tracking number is used for package deliveries, the TxID is what is used to track the status of a blockchain transfer.
  • Return Address: This is the address recovered assets will be returned to. The return address must be the same as the source address (the address from which the assets were originally sent for deposit). It is currently not possible to recover lost assets from transfers with multiple source addresses.
  • Email: Enter an email address that can be used to contact you.Self-Recovery Page.png

➡️ Click on Next to confirm the information you provided.

After you submit your request, you can view the progress and status of your request by clicking View Request History.

Once your request is reviewed and accepted, click the Pay Fees button. Please make sure your Funding Account has an available balance of more than 80 USDT, which is the estimated fee for the recovery service. Once you pay the fee, we will recover your lost assets within 5 business days. We will return your assets to the address specified, and provide you with the TxID of the transaction.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need to pay a fee to recover my lost crypto?

Answer: Since the recovery process for lost assets requires a considerable amount of effort and resources, a service fee is necessary. The amount of the service fee is shown on the request submission page and can also be viewed on the View Request History page.

Q2: Why can't I select my cryptocurrency type on the self-recovery request page?

Answer: We are working hard to add support for the recovery of even more lost cryptocurrency types. Currently, only certain cryptocurrencies are supported. If you need to recover assets of a cryptocurrency type that is currently not supported, please submit a Service Request to the KuCoin Customer Service Team, and we will try to find a way to help you recover your lost assets (your request will be replied to via email).

Q3: Can my lost assets be recovered if what I deposited was a fiat currency?

Answer: This service is only for the recovery of assets that were lost due to being transferred via an unsupported blockchain network, or if the assets in question were an unlisted cryptocurrency type.

Q4: How do I pay the service fee?

Answer: Once your request is reviewe

d and accepted, click the Pay Fees button to do so. Please make sure the available balance in your Funding Account is more than the necessary fee of 80 USDT.

Q5: How long will it take to review and accept my request?

Answer: Requests are reviewed by the system and processed as quickly as possible. Once the review is complete, we will notify you via email and account push notifications.

Q6: How long will it take to recover my lost assets?

Answer: Once you pay the fee, we will attempt to recover the lost assets within 5 business days, and they will be returned to the original source address that sent them.

Q7: Where can I find the TxID of the transaction by which my lost assets were recovered?

Answer: We will send you the TxID of the return transaction via email and account push notifications.


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