1) What is a VIP Benefits Voucher?

VIP Benefits Vouchers allow any user to experience and enjoy VIP fee discounts. When you use a VIP Benefits Voucher, you will enjoy the same VIP fee discounts as users belonging to the VIP tier specified on the voucher for the number of days specified on the voucher. Specific fee discounts for different VIP tiers are shown here: https://www.kucoin.com/vip/privilege


2) How can I get a VIP Benefits Voucher?

VIP Benefits Vouchers can be obtained from the Bonus Center, from Rewards Packs, and by following and participating in various KuCoin promotions and events.


3) How To Use VIP Benefits Vouchers

In the KuCoin mobile app, go to “Bonus Center” and select the VIP Benefits Voucher you would like to use. Once the voucher is applied, you will enjoy the corresponding VIP fee discounts on your trades.


4) FAQ (Q&A)

Q: Can I use more than one VIP Benefits Voucher at the same time?

A: No. Currently, VIP Benefits Vouchers can only be used one at a time. If a user attempts to apply a second VIP Benefits Voucher to their account before the duration of a previously applied VIP Benefits Voucher expires, the second one applied will take affect, with the previous one being automatically voided.

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