Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers

1) What are Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers?

Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers are usually named using the type of cryptocurrency they can be exchanged for (for example: a USDT Voucher). When you use a Cash (Cryptocurrency) Voucher, the corresponding amount of cryptocurrency will be deposited into your Funding Account.


2) How can I obtain Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers?

Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers can be obtained from the KuCoin Bonus Center, from Rewards Packs, and by following and participating in various KuCoin promotions and events.


3) How to use Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers

In the KuCoin mobile app, go to “Bonus Center” to view and use your Cash (Cryptocurrency) Vouchers. When you use a 10 USDT Cash (Cryptocurrency) Voucher, you will receive 10 USDT in your account. Each Cash (Cryptocurrency) Voucher can only be used once.

Expired vouchers can no longer be used.

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