Margin Interest-Free Coupons

1) What are Margin Interest-Free Coupons?

Margin Interest-Free Coupons can be used to offset the fees for margin trading borrowing. When users borrow assets to engage in margin trading via the KuCoin platform, they can use Margin Interest-Free Coupons to offset some of the accrued interest based on the coupon's limit.


2) How can I obtain Margin Interest-Free Coupons?

Participate in margin trading events and promotions found on the Margin Trading page, in the Rewards Hub, and various limited-time Bonus Center events.


3) How to use Margin Interest-Free Coupons?

Once you receive a Margin Interest-Free Coupon, you can borrow funds for margin trading manually or by using the Auto-Borrow feature. The system will automatically apply the interest deductions when engaging in margin trading.


4) FAQ

Q: Where can I view my Margin Interest-Free Coupons?

A: If you’re using the KuCoin website, head to Assets → My Bonuses → Margin Interest-Free Coupon. When using the KuCoin app, simply go to Rewards Hub → tap the coupon symbol in the upper right corner and look for your Margin Interest-Free Coupons.

Q: If I have multiple Margin Interest-Free Coupon, how will deductions be applied?

A: Margin Interest-Free Coupons can only be used one at a time when borrowing coins for margin trading. Their effects do not stack.

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