1. What's KuCoin Pre-Market?

The Pre-Market is a unique over-the-counter (OTC) platform on KuCoin that opens up exclusively before a new token officially launches. It lets you set your own prices and trade directly with others to secure the prices and liquidity you want ahead of time. Just make sure you have enough funds and can complete your trade when agreed.


2. Delivery Time Explained

This is the period set for sellers to transfer the tokens to buyers, once trading officially goes live on KuCoin. Sellers usually have 4 hours post-listing to get the tokens ready for delivery. Remember to check the time zone for the scheduled delivery!



3. Collateral Pledge Rate

The pledge rate is the portion of an order's total value that's needed as collateral. If you don't complete your delivery on time, you risk forfeiting all of your collateral.




4. Transaction Fee Rate

A specific percentage of your transaction value goes towards fees, which can vary by token. 

pre-market--trading fee.png


5. Pre-Market Trading Schedule

Trading hours in the Pre-Market lines up with the token's official listing time. Once a token starts trading on KuCoin's main market, Pre-Market trading for it will stop.

pre-market--trading time.png


6. Delayed or Canceled Token Listings

In unforeseen cases, Pre-Market orders may either have to be postponed or canceled altogether.

Delay: Filled orders remain valid. A new delivery time will be announced by KuCoin. If Pre-Market closes, unfilled orders get canceled.

Cancellation: All orders are canceled. Any funds tied up in Pre-Market trading are returned to your Trading Account within 1 business day. No trading fees are charged.


7. Calculating the Amount Frozen in Pre-Market

The amount frozen for a Pre-Market trade equals the total value of your Pre-Market trade multiplied by the collateral rate.

For example, if you're both buying or selling tokens worth 1000 USDT and the collateral rate is 100%, you'll need to have 1000 USDT frozen as collateral.


8. Order Cancellation

Uncompleted Orders: Can be canceled by either party without a fee.

Completed Orders: These are locked in, unless the token's listing gets canceled.


9. Fee Structure

A typical fee of 2.5% is applied to the total amount traded. Depending on the token, a minimum or maximum fee may apply.

In cases where the buyer or seller fails to deliver within the designated time frame, a clearance fee is deducted from the collateral.

Note: Fees are not incurred on any orders that are not filled. The fees from Pre-Market trading are distinct from KuCoin's main market fees.

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