1. How do I activate my card? 

After approval, your virtual card is immediately ready for online purchases. To check the details or activate your physical card, simply log in to KuCoin.com or the KuCoin app.

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2. Can I own multiple cards?

Each KuCoin account is limited to one KuCard. If lost or stolen, report it through the platform at KuCoin.com or the KuCoin App.


3. Do I need to wait for my physical card to arrive before starting to use it?

Not at all! You may start using your virtual card for online purchases immediately once it's been approved.


4. What if my card was sent to the wrong address?

If your card was sent to an incorrect address, please contact customer support for assistance.


5. What if my card was stolen or lost? 

If your card is stolen or lost, it's best to freeze your account immediately and report the incident to customer support.


6. Where can I find my KuCard PIN? 

Your PIN is accessible through the KuCoin app. Always make sure you're in a private and secure space when viewing it.

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7. How can I change my KuCard PIN?

You may change your PIN via the KuCoin web or app, or at any Visa-compatible ATM offering PIN services.

To change your KuCard's PIN code via the KuCoin web or app, follow these steps:

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KuCard Pin code chnage2.png


8. How do I lock my card? 

If you would like to temporarily lock your card, open the KuCard mobile app.

Locking your card prevents new transactions from being made. When you’re ready to use your card, then unlock it by following the steps above and toggling this feature off. 


9. Can I use KuCard to withdraw cash from an ATM?

Yes, you can use the KuCard to withdraw cash from an ATM, and KuCoin will convert funds from your Funding account to process the withdrawal. Please note that withdrawals will be charged a fee.


10. Why isn't the contactless feature of my KuCard working?

If you notice the contactless feature of your KuCard is not working, there are a few possible reasons:


Terminal Compatibility: Some card terminals might not support contactless payments. Verify that the terminal is contactless-enabled.

First Use Protocol: For your first contactless transaction, use your card's chip and PIN. This step is necessary to activate its contactless function.

Contactless Limit: If you haven't entered your PIN after several contactless transactions, you may have reached the contactless limit. Entering your PIN during a transaction will reset this limit, allowing for contactless payments again.

Card Damage: Should you suspect any damage to your card that might be affecting its functionality, please deactivate your current card and request a new KuCard through our customer support. Be prepared for the delivery wait time.


11. Will my KuCard be suspended if my KuCoin account is suspended?

Your KuCard technically remains active, but any transactions will fail since your KuCoin account is suspended.



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