How to Use KuCoin Convert

KuCoin Convert is a straightforward tool designed for quick and fee-free cryptocurrency exchanges, making it particularly suitable for beginners and those seeking hassle-free transactions.


KuCoin Convert now supports 100 tokens for quick crypto swaps without the hustle of buying and selling on the OTC or spot market.


To enjoy the benefits of KuCoin Convert features, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use KuCoin Convert, both on the app and the webite:


Using KuCoin Convert on the KuCoin App

Step 1. Accessing the Feature: Open the KuCoin App, go to the Home section, and find the KuCoin Convert option in the top bar.

convert via APP1.png

Step2. Selecting Your Payment Account: In the KuCoin Convert interface, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to convert from the upper field and the one you want to receive in the lower field. Select the Balance icon to pick the account from which the cryptocurrency will be withdrawn. 

convert via APP2.png

Step3. Choosing Cryptocurrencies: Select the crypto you want to convert from and to. You can use the search feature for quick selection and enter the amount you wish to convert. Review your order details in the confirmation dialog box and confirm the transaction. The conversion process incurs zero fees. 

convert via APP3.png

convert via AP4.png



Using KuCoin Convert on the Webite

Step 1. Accessing KuCoin Convert: On the KuCoin website, go to the top menu under 'Trade' and select the Convert tool.

convert via web1.png

Step 2. Setting Parameters: Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to convert. You can also check previous conversion history, view current prices by inputing any amount, and modify the account for fund withdrawal at this page. 

convert via web2.gif

Step3. Confirming the Conversion: Enter the desired amount for conversion and confirm. The Convert feature allows you to enter the maximum possible amount by clicking 'Max'. Double-check all amounts and conversion rates before finalizing. 

convert via web3.gif


KuCoin Convert stands out for its ease of use and zero-fee policy, making it an appealing option for those looking to swap cryptocurrencies quickly and efficiently.

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