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As of September 1, 2023, the new Token Listing and Project Launch Management interfaces are now available on the KuCoin platform. As one of the most trusted centralized exchanges, KuCoin aims to safeguard the interests of project owners with these new features. This article will help you understand how to submit a token listing, common issues faced during application, and how to verify the identity of your contact persons.


Note: AssetsHub is the system interface for Project Launch Management. It is the only official channel for submitting token listing applications. Before making any transfers, you should verify the identity of your contact person and the transfer address through our Official Verification Channel to ensure that they are from KuCoin.


1. Application Process


Step 1: Click the Apply Now button

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Step 2: Log in to your KuCoin account

Note: A KuCoin account to required to submit a token listing application.

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Step 3: Complete the project owner's details, click Next

Remember to save your anti-phishing code. KuCoin will use this code to verify your identity when contacting your team.

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Step 4: Fill in the token information, click Next

Items 1-6 are mandatory, while items 7-9 are optional (enter "N/A" if not applicable).

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Step 5: Upload Documentation

Required documents include: - Due diligence form - Legal entity registration documents - Legal opinion letter - Project whitepaper - Confidentiality agreement - Third-party code security review and audit reports for your token, product, and protocol - KYC information for at least 3 core project members (copies of national ID cards, driver’s licenses, or passports)

After uploading all the required documents, carefully read and agree to the terms, then click Submit.

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1. Download and complete the Due Diligence Form , then upload it.

2. The legal opinion letter should be officially issued by reputable law firms in jurisdictions such as the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Hong Kong, or Singapore. If the legal opinion is not in English, you need to provide the original legal opinion and its certified English translation. If your legal opinion document isn’t ready, please make sure to have it prepared before the date you sign the final token listing agreement. (Click to view the Guidelines on the Legal Opinion Required for Projects to Launch on KuCoin)

3. Download and sign the KuCoin Confidentiality Agreement, then upload it.

Step 6: Submission Confirmation

After receiving your application, KuCoin will conduct a review. This preliminary examination typically takes 1-2 weeks. Once it's passed, we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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2. Anti-Fraud Reminder

KuCoin is committed to protecting our user's privacy and assets. Beware of scams, and do not trust anyone claiming to be from KuCoin without further verification. While we're constantly improving our audit and security mechanisms, the reality is that scams still exist and persons or institutions may be open to them. As such, please exercise caution throughout the entire token listing process. KuCoin does not tolerate any attempts at fraud.


To prevent scammers from impersonating KuCoin officials, here are three ways to help protect yourself. Be aware that scammers may use fake KuCoin official IDs and contact methods to deceive. As a final check, always use our KuCoin Official Verification Center to confirm any transfer addresses.

1. Confirm identities via KuCoin’s online services or submit a ticket.

2. Ask for the anti-phishing code you provided in the token listing application. If they cannot provide the anti-phishing code, they are likely not official KuCoin staff.

3. Use the KuCoin Official Verification Center to check if the information you received is genuinely from a KuCoin official. Simply enter the relevant information in the search field and click Search.


Supported verification types: Email, Telegram ID, KuCoin’s official business wallet address, phone number, Twitter account, Skype, URLs, etc.

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Click here for more information on anti-fraud measures.


KuCoin assumes no liability for losses incurred due to misinformation and failing to verify information via our official channels. We appreciate your interest in launching with us, and look forward to collaborating with you.


The KuCoin Team

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