How to Advertise on P2P - Counterparty Restrictions?

Transaction terms: The transaction terms you fill in will be referred to by users before placing an order.

1.This setting will allow you to filter for more trustworthy counterparties, but it may also reduce the visibility of your ads.

2.If you want to set requirements for an advertising counterparty, you will be prompted to select your preferred requirements.


Transaction restrictions: Users who do not meet your transaction restrictions cannot place orders.

Counterparty restrictions are as follows:

1. Do not transact with merchants

2. Number of P2P transactions completed by the other party

3. Number of days the other party has completed registration

4. The transaction balance of the other party’s platform account is greater than

5. Do not trade with these local countries or regions

6. Number of transactions a single user can make

Merchant-Counterparty Restrictions 1.png

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