KuCoin Futures Products and Features Overview

Welcome to KuCoin Futures! If you are new to digital asset trading and interested in learning about futures trading, this article will help you start your futures trading smoothly.


What are KuCoin Futures?

Cryptocurrency futures are one of the derivatives of crypto assets, where the buyers and sellers agree to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a specific price in the future to gain profits. It can hedge risks and amplify returns through leverage. KuCoin Futures currently offers two types of products:

USDT-Margined Futures: Also known as forward contracts, settled in USDT or USDC. For example, in the BTC Perpetual/USDT futures, BTC is the base currency (the currency being traded), and USDT is the settlement currency (used to buy the futures and calculate position PNL).

Coin-Margined Futures: Also known as inverse contracts, settled in cryptocurrencies. For example, the BTC-margined (BTC Perpetual-USD) future has BTC as both the base and settlement currency.


How to Trade in Futures?

Whether the market is rising or falling, users can profit by going long or short in futures.

Simply put, futures trading involves opening a position, gaining/losing on the position, and then closing it. Only after closing the position, the profit/loss will be settled and reflected in the balance.



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KuCoin Futures Guide:

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Note: Users from restricted countries and regions cannot open futures trading.


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