Coin-Margined Contract Delivery Rules

KuCoin currently offers only BTC coin-margined quarterly delivery contracts. For each quarter, a single quarterly delivery contract is listed. The delivery contract for the following quarter is listed on the Friday two weeks before the delivery date of the current quarter's contract. The final trading day of the delivery contract is the same as the delivery day. During delivery, if there are any unfilled orders for the contract in the account, these orders will be canceled. Then, all positions for the contract will be delivered and settled at the delivery price. After the contract delivery and settlement, there will be no further trading for that contract. All open positions of the contract will be closed at the delivery price. 


Delivery Process

1. Quarterly contracts will be settled upon expiration. The system uses a method of price difference delivery (cash delivery).

2. The system will close open contracts at expiration using the settlement price.

3. You cannot open positions 10 minutes before delivery; you can only reduce or close positions.

4. At the time of settlement, all unrealized profits and losses are converted into realized profits and losses. Delivery will incur a delivery fee.

5. Profit and loss after settlement = Position amount × future multiplier × (1/entry price - 1/settlement price)

6. After deducting the fees, the profits and losses after settlement will be credited to the account balance, completing the delivery and settlement.

7. After the delivery, the quarterly contract will be closed.


Delivery Time

The delivery date of KuCoin's delivery contracts is the last Friday of the contract month. The final number in the contract name represents the delivery date.


Delivery Price

The delivery price (.KXBT30M) will be the 30-minute TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) of the spot index at 8:00 AM (UTC) on the delivery day (.KXBT30M).


Delivery Fee

Delivery and settlement incur a delivery fee of 0.025%.


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