How to Buy Cryptocurrency Using Revolut Pay

How to buy cryptocurrency using Revolut Pay:



1. In Fast Trade mode, select Revolut Pay as your payment method.

Revolut Pay 1.png
2. Click Buy to proceed to order confirmation.

Revolut Pay 2.png
3. You'll be redirected to the Revolut page to complete your payment.

Revolut Pay 4.png

Revolut Pay 3.png
4. After completing the payment, you'll be returned to the KuCoin site to view the purchase results.

Revolut Pay 5.png



1. Navigate to Fast Trade and enter the amount you wish to buy.

Revolut App 1.png

2. Choose Revolut Pay as your payment method.

Revolut App 2.png
3. After confirming your order, you'll be redirected to Revolut to make the payment.

Revolut App 3.png
4. Once payment is complete, you'll return to the KuCoin app to see the transaction details.

Revolut App 4.png

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