How to Complete a P2P Express Order on KuCoin

This article provides basic know-how on crypto purchase through P2P Express.


[How to buy crypto through P2P Express]

1.Choose P2P Express payment in Fast Trade, and select the payment method you need.

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2.Place an order and confirm it.

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Note: After the buyer completes the payment, we will automatically convert the USDT paid by the merchant into other cryptocurrencies needed by the user. However, due to the large fluctuations in cryptocurrencies, if the price of the cryptocurrency when the merchant pays is much higher than when the buyer confirms the order (which will result in the buyer getting less cryptocurrency), KuCoin will suspend automatic conversion. It requires the buyer to confirm before it can be converted, and the buyer can also refuse to convert and get USDT.


3.When automatically converting USDT into the cryptocurrency that the buyer wants to buy, if the conversion is successful, the buyer will receive the appropriate cryptocurrency; if the conversion fails or the buyer refuses to convert, they will receive the amount bought in USDT.

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4.Buyers can view the transaction information of Express in the P2P order record. As long as the USDT purchase is successful, it is considered a successful transaction, regardless of whether the cryptocurrency conversion is successful.

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【Frequently Asked Questions】

1.What is the difference between P2P Express and P2P?

P2P Express is a service that can be used when users use Quick Buy to buy cryptocurrencies for certain trading pairs. The P2P Express service includes the P2P part. It will first match the best fiat currency order for users to buy USDT, and then after receiving the USDT paid by the merchant, it will automatically help users convert it into the appropriate cryptocurrency. This method ensures that users can use fiat currency to buy a variety of cryptocurrencies without complicated operations.


2.Does P2P Express charge extra fees?

No extra fees will be charged to users. The purpose of Express is to make it more convenient and faster for users to buy cryptocurrencies.


3.Why didn't I receive the cryptocurrency I wanted, but only received USDT?

Because the time when the buyer pays and the merchant pays USDT is uncertain, the price of the cryptocurrency may fluctuate greatly at that time. When the price of the cryptocurrency is much higher than when the user confirms the order, resulting in the user receiving fewer cryptocurrencies, we will let the user manually confirm whether to continue the conversion. If the user refuses to convert or there are system problems during the automatic conversion process, it will result in the user only receiving the USDT paid by the merchant, and they need to go to Flash Exchange to complete the cryptocurrency conversion.

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