1. What are Promotions?
Promotions are low-risk KuCoin Earn products. The platform periodically offers limited-time events and promotions with high interest rates.

2. Categories
Flexible Term: Subscribe and redeem at any time without waiting.
Regular Fixed-Term: Subscribe at anytime, accruing interest immediately. Payouts occur within the next day.
Limited-Time Fixed-Term: Subscription must be done within a certain time frame, and interest is calculated and paid out within that period.

3. Interest Calculation and Payouts
For flexible-term products, interest accrues the day after the initial deposit (T+1).
For fixed-term products, interest accrues immediately after a deposit is made, and the first payout is received the next day (T+1).
Flexible-term products have their first earnings distributed on T+2.
Fixed-term products have two methods of distribution: Daily from T+1, and upon maturity at 10:00 (UTC) of the expiration day.

4. How to Subscribe
Method 1. Go to KuCoin Earn, scroll for the product list, select Low-Risk, pick a currency and your desired product, then subscribe.

Method 2. Access the KuCoin Earn homepage, then select the Promotions tab.

5. Where can I view my subscribed Promotions?
They can be found in your Financial Account page.

6. Redemptions
From your Financial Account page, click Details to view the product, enter the amount to be redeemed, then click the Redeem button.

7. Viewing Your Profits
Access your Financial Account, select Account Details, and filter by earnings to check the yields on your purchased products.

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