1. What is Staking?
Staking is a low-risk, on-chain product on KuCoin Earn. By participating, your deposited assets are put to work, staked directly on the blockchain.

2. Features
On-Chain Staking: Funds deposited into Staking are staked on the blockchain, where the funds are relatively safe.
Daily Interest Payouts: Unlike manual interest distribution on most blockchains, interest from Staking is automatically collected and deposited into your account daily.
Redemption Period: Some Staking products have a waiting period for redemptions, during which yields are not generated. This waiting period is typically set by the blockchain.

3. Interest Calculation and Payout
Calculation: Interest accrues on T+1 after the initial deposit.
Payout: The first payout is made on T+2 after the initial deposit, with subsequent daily payouts of earnings into the subscribed product.

4. How to Subscribe
Method 1. From the KuCoin Earn page, select the Staking tab. Select your currency, the respective Staking product, and Subscribe.

Method 2: Go to KuCoin Earn, then select Staking from the products tab.

5. Viewing Subscribed Products
To check what you’ve subscribed to, head to your Financial Account page.

6. Redemptions
From your Financial Account page, select Details to view your product, enter the amount to be redeemed, then hit the Redeem button.

7. Viewing Your Profits
From your Financial Account page, select Account Details, and filter by earnings to check the yields on your Staking products.

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