1. Introduction
ETH Staking is lets you earn by staking your ETH. Once you’ve subscribed, you'll receive KsETH as your staking proof. You can trade KsETH anytime or return it to redeem the staked ETH.

2. Features
Staking proof: By staking your ETH, you get KsETH, a certificate of your staked assets. KsETH enables you to quickly acquire ETH through spot trading or redeem it directly from the ETH Staking page.

3. How to Subscribe
Method 1: Go to KuCoin Earn, scroll for the product list, select Low-Risk, select the currency, pick your ETH Staking product and click Subscribe.

Method 2: Go to KuCoin Earn, then select ETH Staking via the products tab.

4. Redemptions
To get back your staked ETH, from the ETH Staking landing page, click Details to view your product, select Redeem, enter your amount, and confirm your redemption.


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  • I have staked my Ethereum, but not it is all in ksETH, did I buy the ksETH by mistake? I want to un stake my Ethereum and now my funds are frozen, have I done something wrong when will I get my Etherium back, do I have to wait for it and if so how long? (until 1:00am or 5 days?) Please help




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