1. What is KCS Staking?
KCS Staking offers a distinctive opportunity to earn extra income with KuCoin's native token, KCS, without forfeiting any holder benefits.

2. Features
Benefits: Even after staking, you continue to enjoy all the benefits of holding KCS, including trading discounts, VIP levels, and fee deductions.

3. How to Subscribe
Method 1: Go to KuCoin Earn, select the Staking tab, scroll through the product list, choose your currency by selecting KCS, and subscribe.

Method 2: Go to KuCoin Earn, then select KCS Staking from the products tab.

4. Viewing Subscribed Products
To check what you’ve subscribed to, head to your Financial Account page.

5. Redemptions
To get back your staked KCS, from the KCS Staking landing page, click Details to view your product, select Redeem, enter your amount, and confirm your redemption.

6. Viewing Your Profits
From your Financial Account page, select Account Details, and filter by earnings to check the yields on your KCS.


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