1. What are Savings?
Savings are low-risk KuCoin Earn products that offer flexible deposits and withdrawals, earning you compound interest.

2. Features
Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals: Savings allow for the immediate transfer of funds in or out, without any waiting period. Withdrawals are credited to your accounts immediately.
Compounding Interest: Interest on Savings products compound, meaning it's added to your principal and continues to accrue interest, the day following your subscription.
Adaptable Interest Rates: Rates are based on the margin and lending markets, and are updated daily according to market conditions.

3. Interest Calculation and Payout
Calculation: Interest accrues on T+1 after the initial deposit.
Payout: The first payout is made on T+2 after the initial deposit, with subsequent daily payouts of earnings into the subscribed product.

4. How to Subscribe
Method 1. Go to KuCoin Earn, select Simple Earn, and Savings. From there, select your desired currencies and hit subscribe.

Method 2. Go to KuCoin Earn, and select Savings from the products tab.

5. Auto-Subscribe
From either the Savings or product page, you may enable Auto-Subscribe after you’ve selected a product for greater convenience. Once activated, the corresponding currency balance from your Trading or Funding Account will be automatically transferred to Savings, occurring every day at 1:00 AM (UTC).

6. Where can I view my subscribed Savings products?
They can be found via your Financial Account page.

7. Redemptions
From your Financial Account page, select Details to view the product, enter the amount to be redeemed, then hit the Redeem button.

8. Viewing Your Earnings
From your Financial Account page, click Account Details, and filter by earnings to view the yields on your purchased products.

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