1. What’s a GemVote ticket?

GemVote tickets give you the power to vote in Token Listing events on KuCoin. Use them to vote for your preferred cryptocurrencies to be listed. Each GemVote ticket is equal to one vote. You can check your number of tickets from your History in the Vote for Listing page.


2. How do I get GemVote tickets?

Participate in platform activities under the GemVote page for tickets. Tasks often involve holding KCS tokens, inviting friends, and making spot trades. The tickets awarded for each task can vary for each event period. For the exact details, refer to the event’s page.


3. How to use GemVote tickets?

More GemVote tickets means more voting power. Tickets are used to nominate new projects or vote on shortlisted ones for listing.

Nomination: To nominate a project, you’ll need to provide the basic details of the project. This includes its name, token ticker, contract address, network chain, and its official website. Once reviewed and approved, nomination is complete. Each project can only be nominated once. If your desired project has been nominated, you may then vote for it via the voting page. The required number of tickets for nomination can be found on the event’s page.

Voting: Once the Vote for Listing event starts, you may cast your votes for your favorite projects. Each project can receive a minimum of one vote, and votes must be cast in whole numbers. After voting ends, winning projects with the highest number of votes are selected for evaluation, and KuCoin will expedite the listing process for approved projects. For more details on listing schedules and arrangements, please refer to our official announcements.

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  • I just created a new account in Why Point and when I went to gemVote and checked, why did I not get even a single voting power?
    You can check. I did not get any voting power.
    Whereas upon signing up a new account according to your campaign and completing KYC, you get 10 voting power which we can use to vote on any project in gemvote.
    Why did I not get it please check it and tell me the solution?

  • Hello good time
    Because there are many currencies and it is not possible to withdraw all of them, I request that you convert them all to usdt or kcs.


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