How to Delete Your KuCoin Data

At KuCoin, your privacy matters. If you wish to have your data deleted, you may request so by deleting your KuCoin account.


When you sign up and use our platform, we collect certain necessary personal data such as your identity details, trading data, and transaction history. For more details on the types of data collected, consult the KuCoin Privacy Policy.


To initiate the deletion of your data, you'll need to delete your KuCoin account. For more instructions on this process, see How to Disable or Delete Your KuCoin Account.


Once you've deleted your account, your data will be retained for two years. This is to facilitate any necessary reviews by financial institutions, or criminal investigations by relevant authorities. If no such review or investigation occurs during this time, your personal data will be completely deleted.


Need a copy of your transaction data? To request your transaction data, please refer to How to Export Trade History. If you need further assistance, submit a request via the KuCoin Support Team.


Having trouble reaching out? Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide for that too. Please see How to Contact KuCoin Support.

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