Troubleshooting Issues with Identity Verification (KYC)

If you encounter issues during the KYC process, unsuccessful attempts should be followed by an email with an explanation of the issues encountered. These details can also be found on the Individual Identity Verification page. Review and resolve these issues in your next verification attempt to expedite your KYC process.

Common issues include:

  • Person in ID is under 18 years old.
  • ID is blurry or unclear.
  • ID is covered or incomplete.
  • ID has expired.
  • Type of ID is invalid. Only a driver's license, passport, or identity card can be used for Individual Identity Verification
  • Face is obstructed or not visible during face verification. Avoid wearing hats, glasses, and using filters. Ensure there is sufficient lighting.


1. How do I update or reset my personal data?

If you need to update your personal data to meet certain conditions, please prepare your documents in advance. Simply contact customer support, and be ready to provide photos of the documents. After verifying your identity, our support team will promptly reset your KYC status. This lets you complete Individual Identity Verification again.

Conditions for updating your personal data include:
Updating your data to meet the KuCard application requirements.
KYC document has expired.
Changing your name to a system-recognizable language (For example, switching from a local language ID card to an English passport).
Updating your data to meet the requirements of specific fiat payment methods.
Legal changes to your name, document number, or nationality, and you wish to update your Individual identity information accordingly.


2. How long does it take to complete Identity Verification?

The KYC process typically takes 3–5 minutes. However, this duration may sometimes extend to 1-3 working days depending on the security requirements of a platform, your local compliance policies, certain product features, or the network environment.


3. Is the KYC information that I provide and store on KuCoin secure? Will my personal data be disclosed?

Your information is securely encrypted at KuCoin. We adhere to strict privacy policies and will never disclose your personal data.


4. Why does the page return an error message that says "Sorry, this ID number has been verified before for Identity Verification", after I’ve enter my personal information?
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Each individual can only be verified with one KuCoin account. If you’ve previously completed KYC with a prior KuCoin account, you will not be able to verify a new one. As such, please continue using your previous account. If the previously verified account has been deleted, contact our support team for assistance.

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