How to Complete Identity Verification (KYC) via Web

As a leading global exchange, KuCoin has required Identity Verification (also known as Know Your Customer, or KYC) for our users since November 1, 2018.

To pass KYC, you’ll need to submit your ID documents and complete face verification. This is part of our commitment to curbing illicit activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

i. As of August 31, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC), all new users must complete Identity Verification to use KuCoin's products and services. We've updated our Identity Verification policy as we strive to better comply with legal requirements and enhance user account security.
ii. For users registered before August 31, 2023 (UTC) but have not completed standard Identity Verification, they will only be able to perform the following actions: selling cryptocurrency, closing futures contracts, closing margin positions, redeeming from KuCoin Earn, and redeeming ETFs. During this time, they will no longer be able to perform any further deposits (withdrawal services are unaffected).

For more information on the updated list of Identity Verification functions, see Part 3 of this article.


1. Completing Identity Verification (Web)

Log in to your KuCoin account, select your profile’s Dashboard → Identity Verification, and fill in the required information.

1.1 For Individuals
If you’re using a personal account, select Identity Verification Individual Verification. Then, hit Verify Now to fill in your details.

You’ll need: 1. your personal particulars, 2. photos of your ID, and 3. performing face verification and submitting for review.

Completing all steps of the process enables more functions and benefits for your account. Please also ensure that the information you enter is true and valid, or your review results will be affected. These results will be notified via email.

i. Provide Your Personal Particulars
Select Verify Now under Individual Identity Verification for the pop-up to appear. Select your country/region and your ID type of choice, then fill in your details and hit Continue.

Check that all information entered is consistent with the details in your document of choice.

ii. Submit Photos of Your ID
Enable camera permissions on your device, then select Start to upload a photo of your ID using your chosen method.

iii. Complete Face Verification and Review
After confirming your uploaded photos, hit Continue to proceed with face verification.

Choose your device, and follow the system prompts for your face to be verified.

Your information will be automatically submitted for review. Once review is passed, standard Identity Verification is complete. Your review results can be seen from the Identity Verification page.

1.2 For Institutions
If you’re using an institutional account, select Identity Verification Switch to Institutional Verification. Then, hit Start Verification to fill in your details.

Due to the nature of institutional verification, a review officer will contact you once your request has been submitted. This will only be done via our official KYC verification email at


2. Troubleshooting Unsuccessful Identity Verification (Web)

Encountering issues during the KYC process can be frustrating. Follow these steps to resolve some of the common issues that may arise:
i. Update Your Browser: Check if you’re using the latest version of your web browser. This helps to avoid common issues during verification.
ii. Record the Issue: If the issue persists, take screenshots of the error messages, or record a video of your verification attempt to help us diagnose the issue more effectively.
iii. Contact Support: Submit a ticket and send the relevant screenshots or recordings to our support team for further assistance. We’ll be ready to help.


2.1 List of Common Errors:
Face Scanning Error. If you see the message, "We can't see your face properly," updating your browser often resolves this issue.

Error 9801 - Scanning ID. If this occurs while scanning your document, try using a different browser or device and attempt verification again.

Error 9810 - Using Phone Camera. This error may occur when using your phone's camera for document submission or face scanning. Update your browser to the latest version and try again.

2.2 Tips for Uploading Photos

  • Each document can only be used to sign up for and verify one KuCoin account.
  • Supported image formats are JPG and PNG. Keep image size under 4 MB.
  • Valid documents include your ID card, driver's license, and passport.
  • If difficulties persist, check for network issues. Attempt the upload later or try a different browser.

2.3 Failed Verification Notification
If you receive a notification that your Identity Verification was unsuccessful:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile, then navigate to Identity Verification to view the reasons for failure.
  • Click Re-Verify to resolve them, submitting the correct information. Your submission will be expedited for review.


3. Benefits of Completing Identity Verification

Once verified, you’ll be able to enjoy more functions and higher daily withdrawal limits on the KuCoin platform.

Action Unverified Accounts Verified Accounts
Basic Account Functions Link/change security settings Yes Yes
Freeze account Yes Yes
Delete account Yes Yes
Create sub-account Yes Yes
Sub-account trading No Yes
Create APIs No Yes
Delete/edit APIs Yes Yes
Refer friends for rewards Yes Yes
Join affiliate program Yes Yes
Export order history Yes Yes
Deposit fiat No Yes
Deposit Buy crypto via Visa, Mastercard, fiat balance No Yes
Buy crypto via P2P No Yes
Buy crypto via third-party No Yes
Deposit crypto No Yes
Claim Red Packets Yes Yes
Withdraw fiat No Yes
Withdrawal Sell crypto via Visa, Mastercard, fiat balance No Yes
Sell crypto via P2P No Yes
Withdraw via KuCard No Available to users in the EEA region
Withdraw Crypto See 24h withdrawal limits See 24h withdrawal limits
Send Red Packets See Red Packet distribution limits See Red Packet distribution limits
Spot trading Can place sell orders, cannot place new buy orders Yes
Trading Margin trading 

1. Can place sell orders, cannot create new positions with buy orders


2. However, borrowed cryptocurrencies may still be purchased (for debt repayment). All other non-debt assets are unable to be purchased


3. Borrowing disabled; repayments allowed

Leverage tokens

1. Can place sell orders, cannot place new buy orders

2. Subscriptions disabled; redemptions allowed

Trading bots

1. New bots cannot be created or used


2. Running bots are unaffected

KuCoin Convert No Yes
Pre-Market Trading No Yes
Futures trading

1. Cannot open or add to new positions


2. Can reduce or close existing positions

Yes, max leverage of 125x
KuCoin Earn

1. Cannot place subscribe, buy, lend, or auto-invest orders


2. Can place redemption or sell orders


For your privacy and security, we’re constantly making improvements to the Identity Verification process. We strongly recommend getting verified as soon as possible to continue using account functions normally.

3.1 What limitations will my account face should I choose not to complete Identity Verification?
All new users must complete Identity Verification before they may use KuCoin’s products and services.

Users registered before August 31, 2023 (UTC) but have not completed standard Identity Verification, will face certain account limitations. They will only be able to: sell cryptocurrency, close futures contracts, close margin positions, redeem assets from KuCoin Earn, and redeem ETFs. During this time, they will no longer be able to perform any further deposits (withdrawal services remain unaffected).

3.2 After completing Identity Verification, what benefits do I enjoy?
Being fully verified grants you access to all products and services. This includes higher daily withdrawal limits, and being able to join KuCoin Spotlight, where you may participate in token events for promising projects.

Being verified also prevents others from fraudulently using your identity for deceitful or illegal activities. In case you forget your platform credentials, or if your account is compromised by a data breach on your end, the information you provide helps in recovering your account swiftly.

Most importantly, only accounts that have been verified may use KuCoin’s fiat-to-crypto services.


We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any further questions, our support team is available 24/7 via online chat or by submitting a ticket.

Happy trading on KuCoin!

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