How to Add & Delete Payment Methods

Before you can add a payment method, make sure you’ve completed Identity Verification, have your phone number linked, and have a trading password set up. Once done, simply navigate to P2P Trading → More → Payment Settings.

Supported payment methods include bank transfers, Wise, PayPal, Zelle, Skrill, and several others. Up to 10 payment methods can be added at a time.


Adding a Payment Method:

On the Payment Settings page, hit he Add button. Then, choose a method from the dropdown list, fill in the required information, and submit.
Note: Only add payment methods that are registered in your own name to prevent losing your assets.

Deleting a Payment Method:

On the Payment Settings page, select the method you wish to delete. Select Delete, then Confirm to remove it.

Important: You cannot delete a payment method that is associated with an active advertisement listing.


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