Unable to Receive Email/SMS Verification Code

Verification codes are sent via email or text messages when you make certain transactions or change your settings on KuCoin. These help to verify your identity and protect your account.

If you have problems receiving these codes, here are some possible reasons and how to solve them.


1. Unable to Receive Email
2. Unable to Receive SMS


1. Unable to Receive Email

i. Make sure you’re using the correct email address that you sign up for your KuCoin account with.

ii. Email delays can sometimes occur due to network issues. Refresh your inbox, or try resending by clicking the Send Code button.

Note: Accounts that sign up with corporate emails may have strict filters or encounter security blocks. Consider using a personal email instead for fewer issues.

iii. Your mailbox might be full. If your mailbox doesn’t have enough space, new emails won’t be delivered. Delete some emails to free up space.

iv. Check your spam folder. Sometimes, emails may accidentally be filtered into spam. Adding no-reply@kucoin.com to your safelist can prevent this.


  • For help on safelisting in Google Mail, see How to Safelist in Gmail.
  • Each email code is valid for 10 minutes.
  • If you’ve used the Resend button several times, look for the code from the most recent email.


2. Unable to Receive SMS

For text messages, the issue might be with your service provider, or gateway congestion. Try again at a later time with the Send Code button, or contact our support team for help.

If you have certain security apps on your phone, they may block text messages from unknown senders. Disable these features temporarily, then hit the Send Code button again to try again.

Finally, other factors such as an insufficient phone balance, full phone storage, or requesting SMS codes too frequently may prevent you from receiving our text messages. You’ll have to address these issues before trying again.


Still stuck? We're always here to help. For more assistance, chat with us live on KuCoin support, or submit a ticket.

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