Freezing and Unfreezing Your Account

Here you’ll learn how to freeze and unfreeze your account so you can quickly get help should you face a security threat.

Freezing Your Account
Unfreezing Your Account


Freezing Your Account

You can quickly freeze your account using three methods:
1. When performing sensitive actions, you’ll receive a confirmation email which also contains a freeze link. Click the link to immediately freeze your account. Scenarios that will prompt this confirmation email include:

  • Unusual IP activity
  • Login notifications
  • Enabling leverage
  • Changing or unlinking your phone
  • Changing or unlinking your email
  • Changing or resetting your trading password
  • Changing your login password
  • Creating or modifying APIs
  • Withdrawals
  • Freezing and unfreezing your account

The link should look like this:
freeze account1.png


2. If you’re already logged in, an emergency freeze can be done in two ways:
i. Selecting your profile → Account Security → Freeze Account
freeze account2.png

ii. Or, go to Help Center page → Freeze Account
freeze account3.png


3. If you suspect your account or email is compromised and you can’t log in to your KuCoin account, contact live support immediately. Once we’ve verified your identity, your account will be promptly frozen.

Open the KuCoin official website. Under the Services section at the bottom of the homepage, select Help Center. Alternatively, click on the “Need any help?” customer support icon in the bottom right corner.
help center1.png
help center2.png

Log in to the app, open the menu by tapping your profile on top left corner, and click Support → Online Support.
app support1.png

app support2.png


Unfreezing Your Account

Once you are sure your account is secure, you can unfreeze it through a self-unfreeze or by contacting customer support for a manual unfreeze.

1. Self-Unfreeze
If you froze your account on your own, you’ll need to submit a self-unfreeze request. First, log in to your account. A pop-up should appear, requesting you to complete security verification. Enter your trading password and verification code that you’ve received (via email or text) to verify your account. Then, follow the remaining web prompts to complete Identity Verification and submit a self-service unfreeze request.

self-freeze 2.png


2. Manual Unfreeze
If your account was frozen for other reasons and you can't log in, withdraw, or trade, please contact online support. We'll investigate the causes and unfreeze your account as soon as possible.



We hope you found this helpful! For further assistance, please contact our 24/7 customer support via online chat or by submitting a ticket.


Happy trading on KuCoin!

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