Open Orders Did Not Go Through

KuCoin is committed to providing a transparent and fair trading market for all users. We will not intervene or manipulate the price of any token. The user's transactions are entirely free from interference, and the price set for each pending transaction is based on the user's input.

If an order has remained open for an extended period, it may be that the price you entered is not consistent with the current market price. If no one is buying or selling your selected currency at the price you chose, your order will remain on the list of your open orders.

If this is the case, you can find your order on the list of your open orders and cancel the order. Then, place your order again at a price more consistent with the current market price, or click on the list of existing orders to buy or sell directly.

Kind reminder:

On the right side of the trade page, you'll see the order book, in the middle of the order book, it is the market price(last price of this trade pair), you can refer to that price to set your own limit price. 

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