Cannot Receive Email Code/SMS Message

When you make some transactions or change some settings on KuCoin, a verification code may be sent to you via email or SMS to verify your identity and protect your security.

If you failed to receive such a code, this article explains some common reasons and gives a few tangible solutions.


1. Cannot Receive Email Code

2. Cannot Receive SMS Message

1. Cannot Receive Email Code 

1) Please make sure you are checking the same email address that was used to register a KuCoin account.

2) The delay of the verification email is often caused by network issues, so please refresh your mailbox or click the Send Code button again before waiting for one or two more minutes.

3) Please note: If your registered an account with your corporate email address, there will be a series of security interceptions that may block emails. Personal email is recommended

4) Your mailbox storage is full. Due to the upper limit of mailbox storage, you need to clear some emails, otherwise the emails will not be sent out

5) Sometimes, the email may have landed in your spam box, so be sure to check there. It is also highly recommended to add the email address to your mailbox's whitelist to prevent the email going to spam in the future.


  • Check this article to find out more about How to add a whitelist to a Google mailbox.
  • Please note that each email code is valid for 10 minutes.
  • If you have clicked the Resend button multiple times, please input the code from the most-recent email.

2. Cannot Receive SMS Message

The most common cause of this is the congestion of the SMS gateway. It is recommended for you to contact our online support or click on the Send Code button again to get the code later.

If you have some security apps on your mobile phone, they may block SMS messages from KuCoin by mistake. In such a case, open the app and turn off the related features temporarily, then click on the Send Code button again to get a new code.

There are other reasons that may lead to your phone not receiving the SMS message, these include an insufficient balance on the phone, the phone's storage being full, or you having requested the SMS code too frequently.


We understand your anxiety when faced with such an issue. Please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.

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