Trade history is essential information for crypto traders. It can be used to help users conduct personal or institutional tax processing and help users review and verify investment transactions in different periods.

This article will guide you on the steps of exporting trade history on KuCoin.

The steps of exporting trade history on KuCoin.

Step 1: Find trade history from "Orders-Spot Orders-Trade History" in the upper right corner, then select the trade history you need and click "Export to CSV."




Step 2: The system will lead you to the following page; you can freely select the records you want to export on the page and click "Confirm" to export; the data will be generated after that.


Step 3: Please go to the "Account-Download CSV" page to download the data generated just now:




  • To export your trading history at KuCoin, the duration time will not exceed 100 days, and the download limitation is five times/day.
  • If you need trade records urgently exported from your account, please submit a ticket with the required information(Period, UID, Order types such as deposit/withdrawal history, Spot/Margin/Futures/Trading bot order history) to help you further. 


We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket.

Happy trading on KuCoin!

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