How to Freeze and Unfreeze Your KuCoin Account?

If you need to freeze your KuCoin account, please refer to the following methods:

  1. When you conduct the following sensitive operations, a link to freeze your account will be attached to the confirmation email. Click the link to immediately freeze your KuCoin account.
  • Abnormal IP
  • Login Notification
  • Open Margin
  • Change the Phone Number
  • Modify the Login Email Address 
  • Create API
  • Modify API
  • Withdraw


2.Freeze your account by the steps below: Avatar-Account Security-Freeze Account:

3. If your KuCoin account or your registered email address is suspected to be hacked, please contact online support immediately and we will freeze your account as soon as possible.


How to contact the online support?


Enter Help Center and click on the lower right corner of the page to contact online support.



Log into your KuCoin account in the app, tap the button in the upper left corner, and tap on "Support” >> “Online Support".





Once your account is totally safe, you can apply to unfreeze the account on your own via the login page or contact the customer service if your account was frozen manually.

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