Q1: How to bind phone number?

Q2: What is Trading password and how to set it? how to change it?

Q3:How to Finish the KYC Verification Process?

Q4.How to set payment methods?


Q1: How to bind phone number?

To further ensure the security of the users' accounts, we have added the mobile phone binding function as a security verification method in Platform 2.0. Currently, we only provide this service for some countries, so please check the "supported countries list" to make sure your phone number can be bound.

Step 1:

Please click the avatar and select "Security Settings" in the drop-down menu. Choose "Set" in the Phone section:

Step 2:

On the next page, please click "send". It will ask for the 6 digital verification code from the E-mail it sent to you. Please make sure to enter in this code within ten minutes.

Step 3:

On this page, please input the phone number you wish to bind and click "send". The verification code will be sent to your phone through SMS. Input the verification code and click "verify activation". 

Congratulations, you have bound your account with your phone number.


Q2: What is Trading password and how to set it? how to change it?

The trade password is a 6 digit number you need to fill in when you are in the kucoin P2P Fiat Trade area to advertise P2P Fiat Trade order or sell digital assets.       

How to set the Trading Password.

In Kucoin Market (for token-to-token trade)and P2P Fiat Trade, a trade password is a shared one. Users need to complete the setting in Account Center-Security (security setting) - trade password.


How to change the Trading Password.

If you still remember trading password, please give a reference to the following article;If you forgot trading password, Please click on the video to know more.

Step 1:

If you want to change your trading password, you can find the "Change" button in the "Trading Password" section in "Security Settings":


Step 2:

Please enter your current trading password and set a new one. Please note that your withdrawal will be locked for 24 hours after the trading password has been changed:




Q3:How to Finish the KYC Verification Process?

Firstly, log in to your KuCoin account at www.kucoin.com. Next, click on the Account tab. Then, click on the KYC Verification tab and fill in the KYC information. 

1. Individual Account Verification

For individual accounts, please go to “KYC verification”–“Individual Account Verification” to complete your KYC.


Currently, we have not opened the KYC service for corporate accounts. For the meantime, the KYC process for corporate accounts and individual accounts are the same. Please continue following our website, as we will open a corporate account service in the future.


The process for KYC verification consists of three steps. Please confirm your information is true and valid, otherwise, it will affect your audit result.

Please note that the areas highlighted with “*” are required. Your information can be modified before submission for review. Once the submission is successful, the information can be viewed, but it cannot be modified again until the review result is published.


2. Institutional Account Verification

For institutional accounts, please go to “KYC verification”–“Institutional Account Verification” to finish your KYC.




Tip: Please be aware that the update will enable one ID to be eligible for a maximum of 3 KuCoin accounts only. For identity information that is currently associated with more than three accounts, we will retain the KYC verification status for the three accounts with the highest account balance.

If you use the same KYC information for more than three accounts and the balances of the additional accounts are not within your top three, the KYC status of these accounts will become unverified. Please rest assured that functionality such as deposits, withdrawal, and trading will remain accessible in accordance with non-KYC verified account rules.

 Please read these suggestions if you are having trouble while uploading pictures or documents:

1. The image format should be JPG and PNG. The size of the image file should be less than 4MB.

2. The certificates are required to be an ID card, driver license, or passport.

3. Your network may also be causing the upload to fail. Refresh or change to another browser and retry later.


Q4.How to set payment methods?

Precondition : Finish the process of phone number binding and trade password setting. 

1. Enter the interface of  Buy Crypto—--Other——-Payment Settings


2. Click Add.


3. Choose the payment method, fill out your payment information to complete the payment setting.



For KYC customers, the system will match your name in the KYC information. Please bond the payment method with the accounts whose owner name is the same with your KYC.

For Non-KYC customers, name should be filled in which is the same with the account owner name of your payment method.

4. Click the button after you finish steps 1.2.3.




How do I delete my payment method?

Please check the payment setting, select the payment method you want to delete, click “delete”,  and confirm the deletion.





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