You need to become a P2P merchant before you can Post Ads, after you become a verified merchant, go to P2P, click “Create Ads“. See instructions as follows:

Step 1: Click "P2P" - "More" - "Create Ads"


Step 2:

Select the "Buy" or "Sell" ad, select from the drop-down list the crypto currency (e.g. USDT) and the approved fiat currency market (e.g. USD) when you applied to become a P2P merchant.


Step 3: Set the price.

There are two types of price settings: Fixed and Floating.

when choose "Floating quote", the premium percentage need to be configured, your ad price equals the reference market price * the price premium. e.g. if the market price is 2.1 ARS, you set price premium to 100.1%, then your ad unit price will be 2.1*105% = 2.2.


You can also choose "Fixed Price", then your ad unit price is the fixed price you filled in.

Step 4: trading limit

According to your intention, fill in the "buy/sell total" of your ad, the "minimum" and "maximum" amount of a single order.


Step 5: Payment method

You need to choose at least one of your payment methods to associate with this ad. Clients with the same payment method can trade with you.


Step 6: Counterparty requirements

You can set up the counter party requirements, only the ones matches the requirements can trade your ad. More rules of the counterparty requirements will be coming soon.

Merchant-Counterparty Restrictions 1.png
Click [Save] to submit.

The ad has not yet posted, you can go to “P2P“ - “My Ads“, tab to “Pending

Step 7: Post the Ads

Click [Post] then your ad will be post to the market, after posting, please be aware of the new coming orders of your ad.


Your can manage your posted Ads too:

Remove: Remove ads will release the assets frozen in your ads, but if there are ongoing orders to this ad, they cannot be removed;

Hide: If there is an ongoing order to this ad and you don’t want to accept new coming orders, you can choose to hide it. The hidden ad will not be seen in the open market, the assets of this ad will still be frozen.


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