How to Buy crypto assets via P2P trading (on KuCoin APP)?

1. Log in to your KuCoin App and tap

[Trade] - [Fiat].

Alternatively, tap [P2P] or [Buy Crypto] from the App homepage.


You can use the Fast Trade or the P2P zone to trade with other users.

2.1 P2P Zone

Tap [Buy] and select the crypto you want to buy. You will see the available offers on the market. Tap [Buy] next to the preferred offer.


You will see the seller’s payment information and terms (if any). Enter the fiat amount you want to spend, or enter the crypto amount you want to get. Tap [Buy Now] to confirm the order.

2.2 Fast Trade

Tap [Buy] and select the crypto you want to buy. Enter the fiat amount you want to spend, or tap [icon] to enter the crypto amount you want to get, select one of the P2P payment method. Tap [Buy USDT] to confirm the order.

1. Tap [Pay] and you will see details of the seller’s preferred payment method. Transfer funds to their account accordingly within the payment time limit. After that, tap [Payment Complete] to notify the seller.



You may tap [Chat] to contact the seller at any time during the trade.

Important Note: You need to transfer the payment directly to the seller through a bank transfer or other third-party payment platforms based on the seller's payment information. If you have already transferred payment to the seller, do not tap [Cancel] unless you have already received a refund from the seller in your payment account. Do not tap [Transferred, notify seller] or [Payment Complete] unless you have paid the seller.

2.The order status will be updated to [Waiting for the Seller to Confirm Payment].

3. After the seller confirms your payment, they will release the crypto to you and the transaction is complete. You can view the assets in your Funding Account.



If you cannot receive the crypto for a long time after tapping [Transferred, notify seller], you can contact the seller directly by tapping the [Chat] icon on the top. You may also tap [Appeal] to contact Customer Support agents for assistance.

Alternatively, you can appeal for the order. Please refer to How to Appeal for P2P Orders on KuCoin App.

Please note that you cannot place more than two ongoing orders at the same time. You must complete the existing order before placing a new order.

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