How to Sell crypto assets via P2P trading (on KuCoin APP)?

Please check the following steps about how to sell crypto. Before that, please confirm if you have add the payment method. (About how to do the payment settings, please refer to: Payment Settings.

1.Log in to your KuCoin App and tap

[Trade] - [Fiat].

Alternatively, tap [P2P] or [Buy Crypto] from the App homepage.


You can use the Fast Trade or the P2P zone to trade with other users.

2.1 P2P Zone

Tap [Sell] and select the crypto you want to sell. You will see the available offers on the market. Tap [Sell] next to the preferred offer.

You will see the seller’s payment information and terms (if any). Enter the crypto amount you want to sell, or enter the fiat amount you want to receive, Tap [Sell Now] to confirm the order.

2.2 Fast Trade

Tap [Sell] and select the crypto you want to buy. Enter the crypto amount you want to sell, or tap [icon] to enter the fiat amount you want to receive, select one of the P2P payment method. Tap [Sell USDT] to confirm the order.

3. Your sell order will be generated. Please wait for the buyer to make a payment to your selected payment method. You may tap [Chat] to contact the buyer directly.

4. You will be notified once the buyer completes the payment.

Always confirm that you have received the buyer’s payment in your bank account or wallet before tapping [Release Crypto]. DO NOT release crypto to the buyer if you haven’t received their payment.

After confirming you have received the payment, tap [Payment received] and [Confirm] to release the crypto to the buyer’s account.



5.You will be prompted to confirm the release of crypto with your Trading Password.

6. You have successfully sold your assets.


If you encounter any issues during the transaction process, you can contact the buyer directly by tapping [Chat]. You may also tap [Need Help?] to contact our Customer Support agents for assistance.


Please note that you cannot place more than two ongoing orders at the same time. You must complete the existing order before placing a new order.

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