What is the red envelope?

The red envelope is a new function in the APP version. With a red envelope, you can give your cryptocurrency to friends as gifts, and the one who gets a red envelope will receive the cryptocurrency for free. You may find a red envelope on your APP Assets page:



How to send a red envelope?

1. Tap the red envelope icon, and select the coin type and amount:



2. Choose the type of Red Envelope distribution

Red Envelope of Random: The amount for each red envelope is generated randomly.

Red Envelope of Fixed Amount: The amount for each red envelope is a fixed number.



3. Input No. of Red Envelope(s) (Limit: 1-2000), and Nickname, Greetings are optional. If you just want the new users to get the envelope, please check "only for new users", and then click" Send Now".

Note: New users are those who have not registered in KuCoin, when they click the "Open" button and open the envelope, they will be required to register in KuCoin to get the envelope.



4. Choose the payment method (Main account or Trading account), and input your Trading Password.



5. The link for the red envelope has been created, you can share the link via Social Media/SMS/Email with your friends. They can copy the content and open the KuCoin app, which will then detect the text on their clipboard and give them their gifts. Besides, they can also open the red envelope by clicking the link.



How to get a red envelope?

When someone is sending a red envelope, you will get a link from him/her as below:


By copying all the text on your phone and open the app, the app will read the clipboard and will automatically detect if the right code has been copied. You can also click the link in the content to open the red envelope.



  1. The assets of the red envelope will be frozen once the link generates, and the remaining amount will be returned to your account after four days.
  2. You can access your “Archives” to check your red envelope history.
  3. The red envelope function is realized in the newest APP version. If you are not able to find it on your APP, please wait patiently for the upgrade. 


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