Frequently Asked Questions About KuCoin P2P

1. Why will I choose KuCoin P2P to buy/sell crypto?

KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade provides services to users to achieve Fiat-Crypto conversion.


The advantages of P2P Fiat Trade are as follows:

Zero transaction fees

Fast settlement

Secure transactions

Professional & reliable merchants

Multiple local payment methods are available


2. Where can I find KuCoin P2P Market?

App: Log into your KuCoin account > click “Buy Crypto” in the middle of the homepage > choose the fiat currency in your country > choose a merchant and place an order

Web: Log into your KuCoin account > click “Buy Crypto” on the left top of the homepage > choose “P2P” > choose the fiat currency in your country > choose a merchant and place an order


1.About Safety

Q1. Are KuCoin Merchants reliable?

A. All the KuCoin merchants undergo a strict selection process. KuCoin will select professional merchants who can offer favorable prices and quick responses to KuCoin users. KuCoin will also hold the Golden Merchant Program, Merchant Weekly Ranking and regularly conduct a Merchant Qualification Test to improve the P2P services.


Q2. As a buyer, after I made the payment, are there any risks if the merchant doesn’t release the crypto?

A. When you place a BUY order, the relevant assets of the merchant will be frozen by the platform. Even if the merchant didn’t release the crypto after you confirmed the payment by clicking/tapping the “I Have Paid” button, the platform will deal with it after checking your payment. So the whole process is secure and safe.


1.How to Buy Crypto via P2P?

App Guide      Web Guide

2.Buy crypto now 


2.Preparations Before Starting a Trade in KuCoin P2P

Q. Can I buy crypto directly in the P2P market when I register an account and log in?


To broaden your options, it’s better to finish the following steps before you start trading:

1. Bind your phone number to your account

2. Finish the KYC verification process

3. Set a trading password (You need to input it when you sell crypto)

4. Set the payment methods (The merchant will transfer money to your designated account when you sell crypto)


*Complete guide on account setting: 


3.Things To Notice When Trading in KuCoin P2P

Q1. How to ask the merchant to release the crypto?

1. Place a buy order and make the payment to the merchant’s account using your chosen payment method.

2. Click/tap the “I Have Paid” button on the order page after you successfully transfer the money.

3. Wait for the merchant to release the crypto to your KuCoin Funding Account. (You can contact the merchant via the chat window on the order page.)


Q2. How do I contact the merchant during the transaction?

Please contact each other through the IM chat on the order page via KuCoin app.

* You can also click “Support” on the website to contact our customer service for help.



Video Tutorial:

How to BUY crypto via P2P market on KuCoin App: 

How to SELL crypto via P2P market on KuCoin App: 


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