Five Advantages of Using KuCoin Trading Bot

What is a Trading Bot?  

A Trading Bot is a free trading tool that can save the time and energy of users and improve their winning rate.  


What can Trading Bots do for me?  


1. Avoid emotional trading  

The high volatility of the crypto market determines that it is very easy for investors to chase ups and downs. Such a long-term operation will result in small profits and big losses. For example, buying when falling and selling when rising is the most basic way to profit from spot trading, but many people cannot do it because of emotional trading. However, Trading Bot allow for the rigorous execution of trading strategies without being influenced by emotions.  


2. Seize the trading opportunity  

In the trading process, timing is very important, and each of your trades will have a huge impact on the potential profit. For example, if you want to execute a trade after a certain condition is met, you need to observe the K-line. So as not to miss the best time, using a Trading Bot can help you monitor market holdings and execute trades 24 hours a day continuously.  


3. Reduce trading risks  

In most cases, the market is fluctuating. Trading Bots are great for this, as they will, continue to carry out arbitrage with the flow of the market. In the extreme unilateral rise market, the Smart Rebalance Bots will not miss profit; in a unilateral fall market, the Trading Bots greatly reduce user losses and further reduces investment risks.  


4. Grid Bot is suitable for volatile market  

Crypto market is a short bullish and a long bearish. The data shows that 99% of the time the crypto market is in volatile, and the other 1% of the time is skyrocketing or plummeting. This provides a natural trading environment and soil for Grid Bot. Therefore, Grid Bot is naturally suitable for volatile market such as crypto.  


5. Reduce repetitive work  

Trading Bots can “assemble and copy” heavy tasks to help you easily execute trades. For example, if you rebalance your investment portfolio every four hours, you can use a Smart Rebalance Bot and program it so that the Bot automatically balances your investment portfolio. 


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