Summary of Frozen Assets

When using a KuCoin account, some conventional objective reasons may cause assets to be frozen.

This article will show you the summary of frozen assets cases on KuCoin with related solutions.

Condition 1: Open orders.

If your trade order is not filled, your funds will be frozen. You can find your order under 'open order' and choose to cancel the open order.

  • Note: How to cancel your open order?

Click Orders--Spot Orders-Open Orders-Cancel


Condition 2: Pending withdrawal.

If your withdrawal is pending, the funds will be frozen. Please get in touch with customer service to check for you if the withdrawal is in a state of consistent pending.

  • Note: How to check your pending withdrawal?

Click Asset--Funding Account (Deposit&Withdraw)--Deposit&Withdrawal History--Withdrawal History.


Condition 3: The account has issued a red envelope.

If you have issued a red envelope and the red envelope is not claimed, your funds will be temporarily frozen. Please don't worry; the funds that have not been claimed will be returned to your account after four days.

Condition 4: Lending orders that are not filled.

If your lending order is not filled, the funds will be frozen, and you can choose to cancel the open order. Meanwhile, if you enabled the Auto-Lend function and all the extra funds beyond the specified amount you reserved will be lent out automatically.




  • If the above conditions are not met, please submit a request or contact our online customer and provide your UID/registered email/registered mobile phone number, and we will make a detailed inquiry for you.
  • To solve your problem as soon as possible, please do not submit the request repeatedly. 

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket.

Happy trading on KuCoin!

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  • Hello

    my open orders in future trade(DOT perpetual/USDT) Cannot be canceled

    please help me and cancel it

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  • hi 

    i traded 17 XRP on spot trading and i had 2 open order <doge and blok> but you took all my 40$ why?now i can't see my money it's clear

    plz return my money

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