[Trading Bot AMA] on August 4, 2021


Since the launch of KuCoin Trading Bot, it has been well received by our users. Meanwhile, we are also working hard to carry out AMA sessions, interacting directly with our users.   

Below is the summary of the AMA. Also, there will be more AMA sessions in the future, so click here to join our trading bot community.



KuCoin Trading Bot ushered in a major update on August 4: the much-awaited web version is officially launched! In today's AMA, we will discuss the recent updates of Trading Bot and our upcoming plans.  


  Q1: Can you give us a background of the web version of the KuCoin Trading Bot? 

We found a strong demand for running a bot on the web during the discussion with our users.  For the web, you have a bigger screen, more info, it’s easy to click, and other advantages, so we made this for our users!  


Q2: Can you share with us how to log in using the web version of the KuCoin Trading Bot?  

First, log in to your KuCoin account on www.kucoin.com and click the entry to the trading bot 


 or open this link, then you can enjoy it.  You can manage your bots on the KuCoin App, M Site, and now via the web.  


Q3: What are the available features on the web? 

Since this is the first web version, currently, it only supports the Classic Grid strategy. We are working hard to make other trading bot strategies available on the web as soon as possible.  


We also value your feedback or suggestions on our Trading Bot Web, so we made a campaign: 5 USDT rewards will be given to each adopted suggestion and there will be a total of 800 USDT prize pool. Please click here for details(https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kucoin-trading-bot-web-version-is-now-live-making-free-trading-strategies-more-accessible). 



Q4: Are there any special features that you would recommend? 


The Entry Price   

This is for BUY THE DIP. After you’ve set up the entry price, your bot will be like a patient animal and start hunting once it reaches the price.  



Change Price Range  

It is often that the price is out of range. Before, we need to stop the bot and restart a new one. Now, you just click the Price Range.  



Also, you will receive a notification when your bot is out of range. The Add Investment will also help you increase profits.  


Stop Price/Take Profit Price for Futures Grid  


As you know, Futures trading is a high risk, including Futures Grid, so it’s highly recommended to set stop loss and take profit. You can set these 2 prices when you create a Futures Grid bot or for running ones. I believe you will get great results when you’re good at these 2 functions.   


In the future, we will add the take profit price for the Classic Grid, too.  


Q5: Can you tell us about the Smart Rebalance Bot?  

For smart rebalance, please don’t only focus on the REBALANCE as you can also use it as a convenient crypto trading tool.  


When you predict that the Bitcoin price is going to pump soon, you just need to increase the percentage for Bitcoin into a large number, and the bot will automatically sell some other cryptos in your bot according to the percentage you set.  


On the contrary, when you predict that the whole market will dump soon, just increase the percentage of USDT to protect your investment (if there is no USDT in your bot, just edit and add one).  


Just think about it, the same operation in spot trading will take more time to calculate the number and take the orders. For Smart Rebalance, just change the percentage. USE IT NOW!  



Q6: What are the planned updates in the future? 

On the one hand, we will develop a more profitable strategy for you. On the other hand, we will add more useful functions for the available bots, like the auto re-investment function. Stay tuned, and I hope to get your feedback!  


In addition, we will also create more content to help you learn and understand trading bots in depth. You can go to Support (KuCoin Help Center) > Trading Bot to learn more. Here is the link:  


At the same time, you can also view posts related to Trading Bot on KuCoin's official Reddit channel. We also welcome you to post on KuCoin Sub about Trading Bot, your experience, your strategy, etc... We will give rewards for the premium comments. 


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