How to Perform Identity Verification on APP?

I. Why Complete Identity Verification

Identity Verification represents KuCoin's commitment to aligning with regulations within the cryptocurrency industry, and to mitigate activities such as fraud, money laundering, scams, and terrorist financing. After completing Identity Verification, users can enjoy higher daily withdrawal limits on KuCoin.

Details are as follows:

Verification Status

Withdrawal Limit per 24 hours


Not Completed

0-30,000 USDT (specific limits based on how much KYC information has been provided)



999,999 USDT

500,000 USDT

To better protect our users’ funds, we make dynamic adjustments to the requirements and associated benefits of standard Identity Verification. These adjustments are based on platform security requirements, local compliance policies, the unique features of our various business products, and the online environment.

With all this in mind, we strongly recommend users to complete Identity Verification. In cases where users forget their platform credentials or if their account is compromised due to a data breach on the client’s end, the information provided will assist users in swiftly recovering their accounts. Users who complete Identity Verification can also participate in KuCoin's fiat-crypto services.

II. How to Pass Identity Verification on app

Please log into your KuCoin account app, select the profile picture, and proceed to the 'Identity Verification' section to provide the necessary information.

Step 1: Choose your region and the verification method first, and then fill in your personal information.


Step 2: After completing the Basic information, click the "Next" button, you will get to the step to take a photo of your ID.

MicrosoftTeams-image (36).png

Step 3: Turn on your camera for Facial Verification.


Step 4: Wait for the verification result. After the successful review, the standard Identity Verification procedure has been completed. The results of the review can be seen on the Identity Verification page.


Ⅲ. Why did KYC Verification Fail?

In the event that you receive a notification of failure in your KYC verification via email or SMS, please do not worry, We kindly request you to log into your KuCoin account and proceed to the "Identity Verification" section. Any incorrect information will be highlighted for your attention. You are encouraged to click "Retry" to rectify the information and resubmit. Rest assured, we will expedite the verification process.


We hope this article has been helpful. Please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket if you have any other questions.


Happy trading on KuCoin!


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