What is Staking?

Staking: Participating in Staking, users will obtain both Staking rewards and POL Credits. It supports multiple digital assets, meanwhile, during the period of staking, users can trade their staked assets in the Liquidity Trading Market for liquidity. The user also can choose to redeem a redemption period (according to different currencies set the corresponding redemption period), and during the redemption period, there is no local currency income and POL mining income.


Why there are two annual yields?

The Reference Annual Yield is composed of staking rewards and the annual yield after converting POL to the staked coins. The annualized rate of return is estimated based on historical market revenue, which is a reference. The actual rewards will be calculated according to the actual amount received in your account.
For example, the annual rate of 21.75% refers to the expected annualized return of ORN is 20% (Annual yield of ORN)+1.75%(Annual yield after converting POL to ORN).


How to stake coins on KuCoin Earn?

1. Log into your KuCoin account, click [Earn] - [KuCoin Earn], scroll the page and you will [Stable] section. Please note that you can search the coin type or filter the type as Staking to check all the Staking products we support now.



2. Here you can check the Staking products we support now and the reference annual yield. Choose the staking products you want to stake, and click [Subscribe]. Read the content (e.g. redemption period) on the page carefully, enter the amount of staking, and click [Subscribe].



  • APR is projected based on historical data and may not reflect actual profits. 
  • You may trade ownership of your staked assets or redeem them before the due date.
  • POL staking fees of 8% will be deducted from POL profits.

3. Once you subscribe to the staking product successfully, you can check the staking history at [Financial Account] - [Staking]. And the profit from your Staking products will be issued to the Funding Account. 


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